Pergolas or umbrellas for outdoor shade

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 19-Oct-2017 08:43:44

When making improvements to your outdoor areas, shade is an important factor, especially as we head into the southern hemisphere summer. Giving yourself, your family and friends an area to enjoy that protects against harmful summer sunshine will improve the value, attractiveness and practical features of your garden, patio or outdoor area.

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Outdoor Umbrella or Shade Sail?

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 05-Oct-2017 13:46:00

There are many different types of shade, the main two used here in North America being either fixed shade sails or cantilever outdoor umbrellas.

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Outdoor cantilever umbrella reviews

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 03-Oct-2017 08:21:00

Cantilever umbrellas are increasing in popularity due to their practicality over the alternative, the centre pole umbrella. With cantilever umbrellas, the pole is offset, meaning they cast shade away from the pole, allowing you to enjoy a wider shaded area. They also rotate around the pole, giving you a lot more control over where your shade is and allows you to move it with the sun over the day.

Read some of our customer's real life reviews about the Shadowspec umbrellas to help you make a decision on whether to purchase. 

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Umbrellas or Awnings?

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 21-Sep-2017 11:32:11

If you’re looking for the best shade solution for your home all year round and find yourself trying to decide between outdoor awnings and outdoor umbrellas, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we discuss both options to help you make the best choice.

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What is the best pool umbrella

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 13-Sep-2017 06:45:00

The best pool umbrella on the market is definitely the rotating cantilever umbrella. Here we explore the reasons why this outdoor umbrella is the most versatile and best choice for giving all round shade over a swimming pool.

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Five things to think about when updating your outdoor area

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 04-Sep-2017 14:48:56

So it's nearing the start of spring and we're wanting to get back outside! After a long winter is your outdoor area looking a little worse for wear? If it's anything like ours, it hasn't had much use in the past 4 months and could do with a bit of a tidy up! Image source: CC0 Public Domain

Here in Australia we have gorgeous summer weather and long evenings, encouraging us to enjoy our backyard, patio, courtyard and verandahs (or decks). These places, sometimes referred to as "al fresco" areas, are such an important part of our home, we should give them just as much thought and attention as the interior. 

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The features of a patio umbrella

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 29-Aug-2017 14:28:40

Outdoor areas are becoming increasingly popular in residential houses, with good indoor-outdoor flow being one of the main selling features for the modern family home. The perfect space for family time or entertaining guests, it is essential to get the indoor-outdoor vibe right.

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Wind resistant umbrellas for Australian hotel

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 18-Aug-2017 14:12:52

An Australian Hotel client had a request to help them upgrade their umbrellas in order to withstand significant wind. Our Agent in the area rose to the challenge. 

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Best commercial outdoor umbrella investment

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 16-Aug-2017 17:02:02

Commercial umbrellas come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a versatile choice for shade.  They are perfect for your business, restaurant or any other commercial implementation and are a great way to cover your customers or clients in an outdoor setting.

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Winner of the pizza oven

Posted by Jonathan Blampied on 11-Aug-2017 15:58:42

We ran an exclusive competition throughout July offering an outdoor Pizza Oven as the prize. We challenged our customers to take a photograph of their Shadowspec umbrella in its natural environment.

We had entries from all over Australia and New Zealand - we've selected some of the honourable mentions below - along with the winning photo. Without further ado... heres some of the top photographs...

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